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2022 Fall Conference
October  1st - 2nd  in downtown Helena, Montana

Montana's naturopathic community will gather this fall for engaging clinical continuing education, the Annual Membership Meeting of the Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and a memorable visit to downtown Helena, Montana. 

Photo: Kevin League Photography

Remedies Lakeside
Priority One
NCMIC Insurance
Waypoint Wealth Management
Juro's Pharmacy

Our Presenters
Join us in Helena or Attend Virtually


Dr. Paul Anderson, ND



In this session Dr. Anderson will update the over 100 peer-reviewed COVID papers on COVID care, Complications, long-COVID complications, naturopathic approaches, and clinical insights. Attention will be given to new developments, clinical pearls, and best management practices. 


Dr. Sunia

Iyer, ND

Feeding, Breathing, and More: A Functional Approach to Oromotor Development (For All Practice Types)

In this presentation and panel dialogue we are going to focus on oromotor development and its relationship to a myriad of feeding, dental, breathing, and even mental health challenges that our patients and families experience.  Drawing on years of experience with postpartum care and infant feeding, perinatal mental health, dentistry, tongue tie assessments and revisions, and downstream health concerns that many of you see in your practice, we are going to walk you through how:
1) When tongue tie and other oromotor issues should be on your DDx (i.e. reflux, 'food allergies')
2) How to assess and/or refer for tongue tie assessment or revision
3) How to talk to your patients about tongue ties/oromotor issues, tongue tie revisions, and other therapies that we use in place of or adjunctively
4) Determining who is on (or should be) your interdisciplinary team and why
5) What you may see downstream if someone revises or not, depending on the timing of the assessment and revisions, and how that can be implicated in adolescent or adult health concerns
Finally, we will wrap up with a panel dialogue with you to address questions or concerns you are seeing in your practice.



Carvalho and Amy Strom,


Experience Yoga Therapy

Courses will be offered to all conference attendees.

5-6 pm Friday

Yoga Therapy for Cancer with Amy Strom, C-IAYT

7-8 am Saturday

Yoga Therapy for Neck & Shoulder Mobility with Amy Strom, C-IAYT

1:30-2 pm Saturday

Yoga Therapy using the Breath to Calm and Energize with Andrea Carvalho, C-IAYT and Amy Strom, C-IAYT

6:30-7:30 pm Saturday

Yoga Therapy for Depression and Anxiety with Andrea Carvalho, C-IAYT

7 -8 am Sunday

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health with Andrea Carvalho, C-IYAT




Membership Meeting

Membership convenes annually to vote on key MANP initiatives and business including:

-Welcome to New Members

-2023 Budget

-2023 Legislative Agenda

-Bylaws Updates 

Member News and Updates at


Dr. Tori

Hudson, ND

Common and Chronic Infections in Women -Updating our Interventions

This lecture will focus on evidence based nutraceutical and botanical treatments for chronic recurring cystitis, herpes simplex, yeast and bacterial vaginitis and human papilloma virus. Attention will also be paid to sample integrative protocols for these common infections in women.



VanCampen, PharmD

Compounding Updates for Chronic Inflammatory and Immune Conditions

While many changes have taken place in the pharmaceutical industry over the past years, Remedies Lakeside has retained a friendly staff who take the time to get to know their customers’ names and needs.  Remedies Lakeside is a full-service pharmacy where our pharmacists work with physicians to customize treatment plans best suited for each individual patient. In addition to providing prescription and nonprescription medications, Remedies Lakeside is equipped to provide specialty products, devices and compounding services. Learn more...




Queen City of the Rockies

Great food, breweries, wine bar...bookstores, galleries, local artist collectives and the Holter Museum are all just around the corner. We'll have a guide to the weekend ready for you in Helena!

See your guide to the weekend including hiking, group activities every day and more....


Financial Advisor

Schedule a private meeting with Zachary Schmidt during the weekend

Zach Schmidt, lead financial advisor at Waypoint Wealth Management and a Forbes Top Financial Security Professional for 2022 will be with us in Helena and scheduling on-on-one, free consultations Saturday. 

Zach will work with you to develop a financial plan that is unique to your circumstances and goals. Whether it's developing a strategy to recruit and retain employees, preparing for the unexpected, building generational wealth, paying down debt, or any other financial dreams- the Waypoint team believes that financial planning is personal.


By meeting with one individual, one family, and one business owner at a time, they know that we can help lift our communities and we can all live our best, purposeful lives. 


Dr. Jill

Crista, ND

The Invisible Influence of Mold 

Mold is an invisible lurking problem for up to 25% of our chronically ill patients. Can you identify when it’s mold? I know I used to miss it.  Learn how to see it and what to do about it. Once you tune your eyes to see mold, it seems to pop up everywhere.
What we’ll cover in this talk:
-Get an idea of typical symptom pictures and diagnoses correlated with mold.
-Use my mold scoring tool in your practice for easier identification and to track treatment progress.
-Learn a scaled-down lab assessment, and a suggested therapeutic order. 
-Discover how our naturopathic tools are perfect for mold recovery.


Dr. Christopher

Mast, DDS

Detangling Tongue Ties -

How does this work?

Dr. Christopher Mast went to Carroll College and received a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  He then went on to the University of Minnesota where he received his DDS.  Soon after graduation moving back to Helena, Montana where he started his own practice and quickly integrated dental laser.  Over the years Doctor Mast has Taught laser dentistry across the country.  As a practice philosophy he has trained and studied from coast to coast in Facial development, airway and tongue ties.  Realizing that a healthy dentition is closely connected to a healthy well developed airway and overall health.  He has been in private practice for 19 years in Helena.  

Suggested reading "Our Skulls are Out-Evolving Us" Learn more...


Dr. Todd Watts, DC

Drainage vs. Detox

Dr. Watts mission is to restore hope and health to those suffering from chronic illness. Based in Meridian, Idaho, Dr. Watts is a chiropractic physician, foundational medicine practitioner, and licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association.


He'll present on detoxification protocols and how to lessen Herx Reactions. 

Attend in Helena or Virtually

A Hybrid Conference
Join us in Helena or Attend Virtually

Our conference room has 9 picture windows! And we have lots of food, fun, and nature planned for you in historic downtown Helena.


This year's conference will have both an in-person option and virtual conference access via Zoom. The continuing education program, will include 10 clinical CEUs. 


September 30th

3:00 pm 

DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown Check-In 

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

On Broadway Bistro

MANP Happy hour with colleagues, exhibitors, conference presenters, and special guests

5:00 pm

Experience Yoga Therapy – Neck & Shoulder Mobility

Great downtown dinner ideas...


October 1st

Saturday morning Hiking, Farmer's Market and Bakery options...

7:00 am

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

8:00 am


NFH, Remedies Lakeside, CellCore, Priority One, NCMIC, Waypoint Wealth Management, NutriDyn, Price Rite Drug, Juro's Pharmacy, and Helena Yoga Therapy

9:45 am - 1:15 pm 

Continuing Education Block 1

  • Dr. Paul Anderson

  • Dr. Tori Hudson

11:00 am

Break and a Refreshing Snack provided by our sponsors at Waypoint Wealth Management

1:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Lunch, hiking, and downtown adventure options...

Schedule Meetings With our Exhibitors

NFH, Remedies Lakeside, Priority One, NCMIC, Waypoint Wealth Management, NutriDyn, Price Rite Drug, Juro's Pharmacy, and Helena Yoga Therapy

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Experience Yoga therapy – Using the Breath to Calm & Clear the Mind

3:00 - 6:15 pm

Continuing Education Block 2

  • Dr. Todd Watts, DC

  • Justin VanCampen, PharmD

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Experience Yoga therapy – Lower Back Health

Dinner, drinks and evening options...

October 2nd

7:00 am

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health

7:30 am

Breakfast and coffee provided at the Creperie

8:00 am


NFH, Remedies Lakeside, CellCore, Priority One, NCMIC, NutriDyn, Price Rite Drug, Juro's Pharmacy, and Helena Yoga Therapy


8:45 am - 1:00 pm

Continuing Education Block 3

  • Dr. Jill Crista, ND

  • Dr. Sunita Iyer, ND

  • Dr. Chris Mast, DDS


11:00 am


Hotel Check-Out

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch provided

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

MANP Annual Membership Meeting

Schedule of Events

Downtown Dinner Options
Neighborhood Guide
Downtown Sunday
OnBroadway copy.jpg

Welcome to  Helena

Within walking distance you'll find great options throughout the weekend.

Here's what's open, what's cooking and where you'll find great local flavors.


Your guide to the weekend
in downtown Helena


Friday Night


You're invited to join colleagues, exhibitors, presenters and special guests at

On Broadway Bistro

4 - 7 pm




Out and About

There's great hiking right out the doors of our conference center. Also yoga therapy continues with a 6:30 class Saturday evening. 

We highly recommend the gluten free brews at Blackfoot Brewing, fine wine at the Hawthorne Wine Bar to start. Then head over to Old Salt Outpost for a Montana fresh burger or find local, home-made specialties at Benny's Bistro. 

HYT Logo Final Transparent.png




Experience Yoga Therapy

Courses will be offered to all conference attendees downstairs at our conference center. Mats and props are provided for up to 10 students in each session.

5pm Friday

7am Saturday

1:30 pm Saturday

6:30 pm Saturday

7 am Sunday


Saturday Morning

Good Morning

Downtown Helena has great coffee, pastry and breakfast options. Try The Mercantile, The Hub, Park Avenue Bakery. Get a gluten free waffle at Nosh or catch the Saturday-only Cotton Top Bakery pop-up. All within walking distance of our conference center.




Breakfast is on us

MANP is hosting you for breakfast just down the walking mall at your leisure starting at

7:30 am

at The Creperie

Enjoy coffee, and vegan, gluten-free buckwheat crepes with 'pick-your-own' options.




Queen City of the Rockies

Bookstores, galleries, local artist collectives and the Holter Museum are all just around the corner. We'll have a map and guide ready for you in Helena!


Or try the free

Helena Walking Tour




A long lunch

Enjoy a two-hour lunch break with a hike, lunch or visiting nearby galleries and shops. 

Try the curry at Saigon Alley or get over to the Real Food Store for a juice and soup, sandwich or salad bar at Montana's first health food store, founded in 1975. 

Girl Hiking in Nature



Happy Trails

Helena is known for it's open space, trails and beautiful views. Walk right from our conference center or visit one of the many trailheads in town. 


Maps and more at 




Membership Meeting

Membership convenes annually to vote on key MANP initiatives and business including the 2023 Budget, Legislative Agenda and Bylaws updates. 

Member News and Updates at

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