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MANP Pharmacy Conference
Saturday May 7th, 2022

Join Montana's naturopathic community for a one-day, online Pharmacy Conference. This new event will provide professional continuing education, prescribing updates, and engaging discussion from leading-edge pharmacists.

Saturday May 7th

9:00am - 4:30pm



Dr. Fleetwood, ND

Editor in Chief


Larry Dent, PharmD

Assistant Manager


Justin VanCampen

Programming Editor


Presenting Sponsor

Art Director

Dr. Fleetwood, ND, RPh

Dr. Fleetwood will present: 

Part 1 - Iatrogenesis in Mental Health

Part 2 - Deprescribing Mastery in Mental Health

Part 1:

Iatrogenesis is harm by medicine. It's the real, (mostly) unavoidable, inevitable possibilities inherent in the use of prescriptions and/or procedures. (We'll focus on prescriptions.) This can happen through multiple avenues- mechanism of action of the drugs (direct and indirect), nutrient depletions, mental/emotional etiology vs physical/biochemical etiology, pharmacokinetics vs pharmacodynamics, belief systems, etc. In this presentation, we'll look at these issues and how they apply with drugs used to treat depression, anxiety, and bipolar issues.

Part 2: 

Once you understand the drugs used in mental health- their potential therapeutic benefits and their potential iatrogenic effects- you can use iatrogenesis to inform both you and your patient which avenues to take to resolve the problem altogether while tapering off the medications. 

Justin VanCampen, PharmD

A leading Montana pharmacists and compounding pharmacy owner, Justin VanCampen will present Peptides and Etiology of Treatments for Biofilms and Mycotoxins. Remedies Lakeside is one of only several pharmacies nationwide offering their unique peptide formulations.  

Followed by Q&A.

Naturopathic Continuing Education Credit

Montana ND attendees can receive 5 pharmacy CEUs.

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Presented by Remedies Lakeside

While many changes have taken place in the pharmaceutical industry over the past years, Remedies Lakeside has retained a friendly staff who take the time to get to know their customers’ names and needs.  Remedies Lakeside is a full-service pharmacy where our pharmacists work with physicians to customize treatment plans best suited for each individual patient. In addition to providing prescription and nonprescription medications, Remedies Lakeside is equipped to provide specialty products, devices and compounding services. Learn more...

Larry Dent, PharmD, BCPS

Larry Dent will present from the perspective of a leading PharmD pharmacist, Medication Therapy Management, Big Data Analysis of Prescribing and Pharmacotherapy Updates 


  • 9 - 11am Larry Dent

  • 11 - 12pm  Justin Van Campen

  • Lunch Break

  • 1 - 2:30pm Dr. Fleetwood

  • 2:30 - 3pm Break

  • 3 - 4:30pm Dr. Fleetwood

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Thank You

This seminar is made possible by the generous support of MANP's partners, members, and community supporters. Thank you!

Our Instructors

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