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Petri Dish

Pharmacy Series 2024

Tuesday evenings monthly, January - May

MANP's expanded pharmacology education program will strive to bolster your unique practice style. We'll explore naturopathic approaches, conventional standards of care, and work to ensure you have enhanced tools and access to case-based education. The monthly series of programs will highlight drug classes that are newly accessible in the updated Montana Naturopathic Formulary.

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Nutritional Fundamentals for Health



Tuesday Evenings, 6pm  

  • January 16th    6:00-7:30pm   Hypertension, Dr. Fleetwood

  • January 23rd    6:00-7:00pm   Hypertension Case Discussion

  • February 13th  6:00-7:30pm   Psychopharmacology, Dr. Bransfield

  • February 20th  6:00-7:00pm   Psychopharmacology Case Discussion

  • March 19th       6:00-7:30pm   Anxiety and Stimulants, Dr. Fleetwood

  • March 26th       6:00-7:00pm   Anxiety and Stimulants Case Discussion

  • April 9th            6:00-7:30pm   Sleep Disorders, Dr. Bransfield

  • May 14th           6:00-7:30pm   Autoimmune and other topics, Dr. Fleetwood

  • May 21st           6:00-7:00pm    Autoimmune Case Discussion




16th & 23rd  - 6pm



13th & 20th -  6pm



19th & 26th - 6pm

Anxiety & Stimulants


9th  - 6pm

Sleep Disorders


14th & 21st  - 6pm


Registration is for the entire series and includes slides, live presentation, course video recordings, and live case-based discussions as well as bonus material each month. 

11.5 CEUs (including 4 hours of Case Discussions) $300 for MANP Members.  Registration and details...

Join Dr. Fleetwood's bi-monthly mentorship program and find bonus content for purchase (learn more...). 


Our Presenters

Each presentation is created specifically for Montana NDs by our primary mentors, Dr. Fleetwood and Dr. Bransfield. The program is designed for you to confidently and competently navigate the expanded Montana formulary.


Monthly case-based discussions will welcome Montana NDs, young and elders alike, to join our primary instructors as panelists. 

Course Details
Blood Pressure Exam

January 16 & 23, 6pm


The program begins in January with a focus on anti-hypertensive agents and will include reference resources, and 'Roots (Philosophy) & Wings (Freedom in scope).' The recording will be available following the January 16th program in advance of the Tuesday, January 23rd Case Discussion to include Dr. Fleetwood and Montana NDs. 

Feb 13 & 20, 6pm


Dr. Bransfield will present on antidepressants, antipsychotics for on and off-label use, anxiety meds, OCD meds, and more. He will also discuss ACE (Adverse Childhood Events) & PTSD impacts on mental health, and microbes and mental illness, and medication interactions between psych meds and other interventions. Tuesday February 20th MANP member physicians will join Dr. Bransfield for a Case Discussion.

Head Massage
Before the interview

March 19 & 26, 6pm

Anxiety & Stimulants

Anti-anxiety agents and stimulants, naturopathic perspectives and the ethics of prescribing antidepressants, anticonvulsants and antipsychotics, and contrasting medical management of chronic disease with disease reversal will be presented by Dr. Fleetwood. Highlighting interpretation of patient complaints to determine etiology, and signs and symptoms to monitor for prescribing and deprescribing, Dr. Fleetwood will host Montana panelists for a live Case Discussion March 26th. 

April 9th

Sleep Disorders

Dr. Bransfield will walk us through different types of and reasons for sleep disorders with evaluation and treatment options appropriate to each type of dysfunction. He will present on the full range of drug classes utilized for sleep disorders including the newest drugs on the market. With time for case discussion and questions, this month is a single-session program, as Dr. Bransflied heads to Germany to present at the ILADS European Scientific Conference. "Much work still needs to be done in Europe to overcome the misperception that chronic multisystem illnesses have a psychogenic basis," he says, and strives to contribute to forward progress.

Hiking in Forest
At the Grocery Shop

May 14 & 21


Autoimmune disorders and biologics will be featured in the 5th and final series program, highlighting psoriasis, RA, Crohn’s, UC, MS, SLE and an additional discussion of Ozempic use and other trends. Our final Case Discussion on May 21st will feature a panel of Montana 'elders' and residents. 

Bonus Programs
Working from Home
Mentorship Schedule
Camping on the Beach


Mentorship with Dr. Fleetwood

Bring your cases to Dr. Fleetwood's Monarch Natural Medicine mentorship sessions and enhance your ability to develop whole-person, cause-focused, patient-specific treatment plans. $75/month is the discounted MANP Rate. Contact Dr. Fleetwood to join...

  • January 17th, 31st both at 11:30am

  • February 14th at 11:30am, 28th at 3pm

  • March 13th at 11:30am, 27th at 3pm

  • April 10th at 11:30am, 24th at 3pm

  • May 8th at 11:30am, 22nd at 3pm

Prescription Drugs

Guidelines from Dr. Fleetwood


What you must know about the drugs to safely prescribe and monitor:

  • Boxed Warnings, other Precautions, most common/scariest Adverse Drug Reactions

  • Nutrient depletions by patient population and agents used to manage disease

  • Special notes, where known, on drug classes and pregnancy, race, gender

What you must know about the drugs to safely deprescribe and monitor:

  • Half-life of agent

  • When prescribed, for what, how many changes over time (in dose or class)

  • Subjective and Objective monitoring for over-medication

  • Various strategies to employ—especially when there are few to no objective measurements

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