2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

MANP's leadership and our members have created a roadmap for engagement that will help propel our organization forward. The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan was presented at the October 5th Membership Luncheon and Annual Meeting. Final comments will be integrated before the Executive Committee puts the plan to a vote in November.

Thank you to each of our Members, and all NDs in Montana's great history, for your contributions to Montana's naturopathic community.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 - 2022


The Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians is a non-profit, professional organization representing naturopathic physicians (NDs) and those they serve.


We envision universal access to naturopathic medicine, and the professional success of all licensed naturopathic physicians in the state.

Strategic Priorities

Each objective in the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan is developed to serve the core goals and mission of the MANP. These goals may remain unchanged, while our strategies may change over the years to reflect the current goals and needs of the organization.

Our Core Values

Embody the Character of Montana - We recognize the individual nature of healing and support the responsible, patient-centered practice of naturopathic medicine.

Integrity - We value transparency in relationships and communication with our patients, other healthcare providers, regulatory organizations and the naturopathic community.

Fulfillment - We support our members in cultivating a successful and satisfying practice that is in service to Montanans.

Sustainability and Stewardship - We nurture, preserve and thoughtfully allocate resources in the treatment of our patients, operation of our organization and care for the environment.

Growth - We cultivate leadership and professional development among naturopathic physicians in Montana.

Education - We educate the public, other healthcare providers and elected officials about naturopathic medicine.

Goal #1 Advocate

Our goal is to cultivate naturopathic medicine as an integral part of the healthcare landscape in Montana.

Objective 1: A scope of practice that accurately reflects current and evolving naturopathic training and education

Strategy A: actively engage the Board of Alternative Health Care.

Tactic: be involved with appointments of members to the board

Success = allies who understand naturopathic medicine training and education, appointing people who are excelling in the role.

Tactic: tuning in to all meetings and communicating information to the MANP leadership and membership

Success = emails to the membership, quarterly alternative healthcare briefing

Tactic: positive influence during legislative session

Invite the alternative health care board members to our lobby day

Host lobby day, advocacy training

Tactic: Track and engage with the Formulary Committee of the State Board of Alternative Healthcare.

Strategy B: track and engage with other health care regulatory boards and authorities including department of labor.

Tactic: Engage legal assistance for research and support

Tactic: Monitoring activity of boards and networking as appropriate

Strategy C: track national naturopathic legislative and regulatory concerns.

Tactic: Engage legal assistance for research and support

Objective 2: Expand patient access to naturopathic medicine

Strategy A: engage in the public process.

Tactic: Seek inclusion in bills as appropriate

Tactic: Non-board/regulatory government hearings, meetings, forums and events

Tactic: Networking with legislators

Lobby day, meetings

Tactic: Engage NDs and public in lobbying efforts

Tactic: Monitoring bills and meeting with lobbyist/legal counsel during legislative session

Strategy B: seek expanded insurance coverage and parity.

Tactic: Understand topography of insurance coverage and insurers

Tactic: Develop relationships with relevant parties

Goal #2 Educate

Objective 1: Clinical continuing education

Strategy A: establish a continuing education liaison.

Tactic: Works with Executive Director and the Conference Team to put on Annual Fall Conference

Tactic: Develop opportunities for continuing education for NDs

Strategy B: diversify education opportunities - preserve and innovate.

Tactic: Host Annual Fall Conference

Tactic: Host Annual Spring Gathering

Tactic: Collaborate Continuing Education Providers

Future consideration: support and create residencies in Montana.

Objective 2: Advocacy

Strategy A: develop legislative ambassadors.

Develop an ambassador program for effectively communicating in legislative process/regulatory framework

Strategy B: develop regulator ambassadors.

Develop an ambassador program for effectively communicating in regulatory framework

Goal #3 Communicate

Objective 1: Substantiate naturopathic medicine

Strategy: organize pertinent information and resources.

Tactic: Gather evidence to support naturopathic medicine

Tactic: Produce publications in support of naturopathic medicine

Tactic: Support research in the field of naturopathic medicine

Objective 2: Strategic alliances

Strategy A: Communicate and partner with other professional associations and public interest groups

Strategy B: Educate physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals about naturopathic medicine

Strategy C: Attend interdisciplinary forums, events and coalitions

Objective 3: Public awareness

Strategy A: Cohesive messaging

Tactic: branding/marketing

Tactic: web/social presence

Tactic: Promote Naturopathic Medicine Week

Tactic: write news articles

Strategy B: Earned media - news coverage

Tactic: press releases

Strategy C: Public presence in Montana communities outside of healthcare

Tactic: sponsorship

Tactic: volunteering

Goal #4 Sustain

Objective 1: Cultivating Leaders

Strategy A: Cultivate Leadership Development

Tactic: Budget for Leadership Development

Tactic: send MANP leaders to trainings (DC FLI, AANP etc)

Strategy B: Support Leadership Transition

Tactic: Succession planning and development

Tactic: Executive Committee Orientation

Tactic: Providing guidelines and job descriptions for each Executive Committee position

Tactic: Committee assignment and leadership

Strategy C: Employ Professional Services

Tactic: Hire Executive Director

Tactic: Hire a Financial/Tax Accountant

Tactic: Hire Legal team

Tactic: Hire Lobbyist

Objective 2: Cultivate Financial Stability

Strategy A: Competent financial management

Tactic: Appropriate training of treasurer

Tactic: Annual financial reports

Tactic: Evaluate and recruit financial service professionals

Tactic: Develop a balanced budget that serves the strategic plan

Strategy B: Diversifying revenue streams

Tactic: Corporate partners

Tactic: Community players

Tactics: Conferences and events

Tactics: Donors

Tactics: Foundation

Tactics: Grants

Objective 3: Membership Support

Strategy: Cultivate Professional Success of MANP community

Tactic: maintain member resources section of website,

Tactic: provide members-only benefits,

Tactic: assess membership needs

Strategy: Expand employment opportunities

Tactic: expand residencies

Strategy: Cultivate referral networks

Strategy: continuous review and tracking of priorities and measurable outcomes.

Tactic: Update Strategies and Tactics to be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting

Tactic: Formation of Strategic Plan Task Force in Spring 2021

Tactic: Annual presentation of strategic outcomes at 2020 meeting

Tactic: Continuous engagement of Strategic Plan at Executive Committee meetings, led by Executive Committee Secretary

Tactic: Periodic convening of working group leaders with Executive Committee

Executive Committee

LAWG Chair

Spring Gathering Chair


CE Liaison

AHC Members


tbd- Spring/ March 2020/ Spring Gathering

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