Legislative Advocacy Day

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

MANP held a successful legislative advocacy day on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at the state Capitol, with a dozen members making the trip to Helena to rub elbows with our legislators,

making our names, faces, and mission known with grace and gumption. The day was rewarding and set a firm foundation for ongoing relationship with legislators statewide. 

MANP was introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Bishop (video) and in the Senate, with Physicians waving from the Balcony, by Sen. Gross (video).

Here's what your colleagues had to say about the event...

Lobby day was energizing, fun, and I learned a lot! It was not as intimidating as I imagined, legislators really just wanted to chat about what they do and how it impacts us. They want to know how their work really plays out in our own lives and I so appreciated that. I loved watching things happen on the Senate floor, and how fun was that to be introduced to all the senators! 10/10 would do this again. Ingrid made it really easy to participate! Also, the parking was easy, really! And it’s so neat to experience politics in action (they’re all real people!)

I’m thrilled that I made the drive to Helena. I was able to meet key players in our legislative process, which helps to build bridges and pave our future, AND I got insight into how legislation unfolds, which helps our organization to be more effective.

Totally worth the day away from the office and the trip.

This the 5th MANP Lobby Day that I’ve attended and it feels like our presence and focus is getting stronger each time. I can’t underscore enough the importance of these ongoing efforts to build relationships with and educate legislators and other lobbyists.

I typically find it difficult or intimidating to approach people that may not know about naturopathic medicine and that are incredibly busy, however, I found this experience to be exciting and rewarding. Most of the senators and representatives seemed to at least have heard about naturopathic medicine and it was a great experience to further educate them and provide our thorough resources to them. I'm thrilled to be part of the LAWG team!

I was so inspired by my colleagues, who showed up with enthusiasm and willingness. Witnessing the bright joy in their faces as they spoke with legislators and lobbyist about our medicine was uplifting.

Grateful for the opportunity to educate my local and statewide legislators about the benefits of Naturopathic medicine!

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