MANP Annual Meeting

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The MANP Annual Membership Meeting will be held Sunday November 15th at 1:15 pm.

[Please register in advance for this meeting. Register here After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.]


1:15 pm - 2:15 PM

Call to Order - by Executive Committee President, Dr. Dawn Dalili

Administration - by Executive Committee Secretary, Dr. Kaley Burns

Approve Agenda

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes from 2019 Annual Meeting

President's Address

Financial Report - by Executive Committee Treasurer, Dr. Jennifer Krieger

2020-2021 Strategic Plan Review

Introduction - by 2019 Task Force Champion Dr. Jennifer Krieger

Report - by 2020 Review Working Group leader Dr. Danielle Pearce

Legislative Report

Introduction - 2018-2020 Legislative Action Working Group

Montana Alternative Pain Management Block Grant Program - report by Executive Director Ingrid Lovitt

Looking forward - by President Dawn Dalili

Spring Conference Report - by Committee Member Dr. Kaley Burns

Montana Board of Alternative Health Care Report - by Board Gubernatorial Appointee Dr. Alisun Bonville

AANP House of Delegates Report - by MT HOD Representative Dr. Danielle Pearce

2019 MANP Annual Meeting Minutes for Approval at 2020 Meeting

Call to order Dawn Dalili 1:03pm

Executive Committee: Dawn Dalili, Jennifer Krieger, Danielle Phillips-Dorsett, Erika Krumbeck

Executive Director: Ingrid Lovitt

Approve agenda. Erika motions to pass agenda, Jennifer Krieger seconds. No discussion. Motion passes.

Approve Fall 2018 meeting minutes. Erika motions to pass minutes, Jennifer Krieger seconds. No discussion. Motion passes.

President’s Address. First year figuring out what is needed as president. Second year, a year of action. Revitalized LAWG. Understand the resources that will be needed going forward. Many hours went into planning this past year.

Finance- 2019 Treasurer's Report

Executive director gives year to date revenue/expense. Up to date as of September 30th.

Treasurer- budget is conservative. Budget comparison. We have been holding line items as placeholders, going forward with Strategic Plan will be utilizing these resources. Proposed revenue is higher as expect alternative revenue streams, for example donors. Raise salary for executive director to get closer to annual salary for average executive directors in the state of Montana.

Nan Dunne-Byington motions to approval the budget as is. Jacque Arnold seconds. 

Discussion: Liz Cavin (LAWG Member) asks about whether we have enough money for a lobbyist as our past lobbyist left, in part, due to limited pay. Erika responds that this year there will not be a lobbyist and other line items can be used for legislative staff.


Strategic Plan presentation, Dr.  Dawn Dalili intro, Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett powerpoint. Discussion

Legislative Action Working Group Report, Dr. McKenzie Mescon and Dr. Kaila Sellars

Conference Working Group Report, Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett

Reviewed second annual spring gathering, successes and areas to improve. Requested input for next year.

MT Board of Alternative Healthcare Dr. Christine White report. Thank you to Dr. Patterson for her service and Dr. Alisun Bonville for joining.

AANP House of Delegates Report.  HOD Delegate, Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett

Elections. Nomination/Election Committee 2019 Dr. Keller, Dr. Dalili, Dr. Krieger, Dr. Phillips-Dorsett 

Nominations committee accepted nominations and self-nominations via online form.

Candidates’ letters to membership were shared via email. 

June 30, 2019 - final deadline for nominations 

August 27- ballots can be distributed for voting (45 days before Annual Meeting)

October 9- deadline for announcement of results 

Petition Packet: 2016-2025 Strategic Plan, Bylaws, Governance Policies, 2019 Budget

Meeting adjourned 2:09 pm

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